Save time and lower costs with SAM One

Devices and applications are notorious expenses, especially when not actively monitored. Speed up the routine checks and see if your compliance policies are met at the same time, with SAM One.

The SAM One Report

SAM One collects and presents data from your organization's Intune and Azure.

In the SAM One report you can see summaries and visualizations of data from your Microsoft environment.

The front page shows the geographical distribution of devices and users. The charts visualize overall information about users, devices and applications.

On the applications tab the users' devices and installed applications plus versions are shown. It displays how many devices have apps installed as well as a list of applications.

The detailed user view shows how many applications and devices that the user has. Here you can view for example the apps on a particular device or which device has a particular app.

The detailed device view shows information about the device and which applications that are installed. It also shows a line graph of the number of apps over time.

The license overview shows the total Microsoft license pool, how many licenses that are assigned and the number of available licenses. Select a license to see the list users with that license.

Are your license costs as low as they can be?

In addition to stagnant license pools, unsafe practices – such as unsafe data handling and shadow IT – are unfortunately present in most companies. And the consequences can be very expensive.

Unsecured Applications

An unmonitored application pool can have significant consequences. For example, multiple versions of the same application mean additional attack surfaces and security risks.

Costly Licenses

Rushed purchasing strategies and an excessive license pool can quickly rack up costs. Additionally, users often have more functionality enabled than they need.

Uncontrolled devices

Lack of control over company devices can pose major threats. Employees usually don't mean to act maliciously, but can still put the organization at risk.

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Unlock shortcuts to better security and lower costs – with SAM One

With powerful insights you can easily identify the next steps for your organization.

Applications. SAM One lists the applications found on users' devices.

Users. See individual users' devices, licenses and applications.

Devices. See the number of devices, which models and their installed applications.

Licenses. Use SAM One to get an overview of your Microsoft licenses.

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We use SAM One to improve our device security and to oversee the distribution of licenses. Thanks to SAM One, we have improved the control of our devices and reduced our Microsoft license costs.

Marcus Johansson, Head of Group IT – Polygon Group


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SAM One strengthens the link between insight and action

With SAM One, you get a clear overview of company devices and licenses. This helps you save time when trying to to cut costs.

Use SAM One to take the organizational insight to a new level. Make informed decisions that improve your IT security.

About SAM One

SAM One is been developed by a team in Stockholm with over 20 years of experience in IT. We discovered that our partners could benefit from simplified management and visualization of their Microsoft information. We created the SAM One product to help organizations get an overview and gain better control of their information and their devices. Our goal is to help our customers save money and improve their organizational insight.